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bijou stone co

Bijou Layaway

The Quick Facts

  • Items $120+ qualifies

  • 30% Down

  • 60 days to pay off items under $1000 USD

  • 90 days to pay off items over $1000 USD

  • Pay-as-you-please via PayPal 

The Details

-Eligible items for our layaway program is $120.00 USD or more. 

-Flash sale items CANNOT be placed on layaway at any time. 

-Regarding items that are part of a sale (i.e. coupon codes during sales): items up to 15% off, with the exception of squash blossoms, can be placed on layaway. *Squash Blossoms up to 10% off can be placed on layaway.* We will also honor our customer business card coupon code of 10% off. Any additional percentages off will show as “DISCOUNT %” on your invoice. An item with an attached discount MUST be $120 or more AFTER the discount has been applied

-30% down of the TOTAL is required to hold items in layaway (this is a deposit to hold your item(s)). A minimum payment will be required on your invoice, this is your 30% down deposit that MUST be made in order to begin the layaway process.

-Cancellations may be made ONLY PRIOR to making the initial deposit of 30% down. 

-PLEASE NOTE: ALL payments are NONREFUNDABLE including but not limited to the initial deposit of 30% down. WE CANNOT OFFER REFUNDS ON LAYAWAY ITEMS. IF for any reason, you want to cancel your layaway after you have made any parents (including but not limited to the initial 30% down deposit), there will be a 15% restocking fee calculated off the total payments made towards the item.


-If multiple items are placed on layaway, the customer will then pay 30% down of the TOTAL purchase order amount. 

-Customer has 60 days (90 days on items over $1000.00) to pay off the balance in full for said item(s) from the time initial deposit is made. 

The Details Cont.

-Payments towards your balance may be made at any time within the agreed 60/90 day period. Payments are made via PayPal Invoice only via the original invoice. This is for your protection as well as Bijou Stone Co.

PLEASE NOTE: Any items or invoice over $1000 will require a digital signature from the buyer and seller via Signature Request. You will be given instructions as to how to complete that process.

-Our layaway program is INTEREST FREE. 

-WE OFFER A FIVE (5) DAY GRACE PERIOD once the 60/90 day period has passed to pay off your balance IN FULL, including shipping costs to ensure that you will not lose your item(s). 

-Customer may decide at any time to pay off their balance in full within the 60/90 day layaway time frame. 

-Once the final payment has been made and PAID IN FULL, including $4 standard shipping costs, item(s) will be shipped out within 1-2 business days. (Please keep this in mind during the holidays to ensure gifts are received in time.) Business days are Monday-Friday. 

-Our USPS standard shipping (3-5 business days) cost of $4 will be added to the TOTAL of your balance to cover the cost of shipping. This will be added to your invoice.

-Once balance is paid IN FULL, the item(s) along with a $0.00 balance invoice will be sent out (via email and paper) and shipped to the address you provide within 1-2 business days (Mon- Fri). 

-PLEASE NOTE: If the total cost of the item(s) including the $4 shipping is NOT PAID within the 60 days for orders under $1000 or 90 days for orders $1000 and over of the deposit date and a grace period of 5 days have passed, the item can no longer be held in layaway and the customer forfeits all rights and monies towards said item(s). Here at Bijou Stone Co., we understand that life happens, please contact us and we will work one on one with you. 


Click here to download a copy of our "HOW TO ELECTRONICALLY SIGN" DOCUMENT

Click here to download a copy of our LAYAWAY POLICIES AND GUIDELINES.

How it works

-Contact us by email or via Instagram Direct Messages to set up layaway with us. PLEASE BE SURE YOU HAVE CAREFULLY READ OUR POLICIES AND GUIDELINES REGARDING OUR LAYAWAY PROGRAM on our website

-All items and/or total invoices under $1000 USD will be sent via PayPal Invoice. ***By choosing to pay the 30% down deposit, you, the customer, is agreeing to the terms and conditions of layaway set forth by Bijou Stone Co.***

-For your records, a copy of our Layaway terms and conditions will be sent to the email address given to us. Please choose one connected to your PayPal in order to receive the invoice. 

Note: You will need to electronically sign that you understand and agree to our layaway policy guidelines if your item or total invoice will be $1000+ USD.

How to electronically sign

This process is for invoices totaling $1,000.00 USD or more.

STEP 1: You will be sent an email with a copy of our policy guidelines to keep for your records via the email you provide us. Please choose an email that you use frequently.

STEP 2: You will be sent an email from SignRequest. You will click the green button “Click here” at the bottom of the email. You be directed to a new page displaying our layaway policies and guidelines.

PLEASE READ THE LAYAWAY GUIDELINES carefully BEFORE signing as this is a legal binding document. 

STEP 3: To sign the document, click/tap on the bottom of the document. Choose the pencil icon on the left hand side and tap on the “draw”. Draw your signature then press “Save and insert”. Once you’ve got a signature your happy with click “Finalize” at the top right hand side. Check the box and click sign. You will receive a copy of the document when both parties have signed.


​-A 30% down deposit of your TOTAL purchase order will need to be made at the time of the layaway agreement via PayPal ONLY IN ORDER TO COMPLETE THE LAYAWAY TERMS OF AGREEMENT. Payments are made via Paypal address

-Once you have read and agreed to the terms, have electronically signed AND once the deposit of 30% down has been made via PayPal, a detailed invoice with the item(s), description, quantity, deposit, final due date, any applied taxes and balance will then be sent to the email you provided us with the deposit amount showing as a negative credit (-) followed by your remaining balance due.

-After each payment is received, an updated invoice with the remaining balance will be sent.

PLEASE NOTE: Your signature on SignRequest is a legal binding document and will be treated as such. Signatures serve as a legal agreement between both parties, Bijou Stone Co. and the buyer/customer. The invoice and deposit will also serve as a verbal agreement of Bijou Stone Co.’s layaway policies and guidelines.

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